Smiling with Cara

My past posts were from a place of pain.  I wrote to have a release and for therapy.  This post comes with a smile and a proud heart.  I want to introduce my daughter, Cara and share all the things she CAN do.  It’s about time that I tell the joyful part of her story and our journey with her.

Cara CAN



Grasp objects

Track with her eyes

Hold her head up during tummy time

Push up on her arms during tummy time

Tuck her chin during her “sit up” exercises

Squeal and make vowel sounds

Drink from a bottle

Kick her feet to show excitement

Make interesting musical sounds from her top and bottom

Wiggle and dance to music

Indicate to us when she wants to be picked up

Sleep through the night

Warm any heart with a smile

Bring out the best in someone with her eyes.

Cara is little Miss Personality.  She really lets us know when she is happy, sad, mad, annoyed, needs something, needs to rest and is hungry.  Definitely not shy about letting us know when she is mad or is hungry. She can say a paragraph with her eyes. Her happiest moments are when she is playing with Natalie. She has a very calm and gentle way about her (as long as she is not mad or hungry). She has a silly side that makes us laugh! We are a pretty silly family and she joins in with silly faces and funny sounds. This is also a family that loves dance and music, Cara shares that love and participates fully.  She enjoys a good waltz and fox trot with daddy, samba and rumba with mommy and laughs at Natalie’s booty shaking.  Nobody can booty shake like Natalie (we are still trying to decide if that is a good thing). Good jazz and a little swaying is the best medicine for those bad nights.  We have so much fun as a family!!  I don’t know what Cara will be able to do but I can tell you and celebrate what Cara can do. She is developing in her own way and on her own time.  We are so proud of her.

It’s been a week since Cara’s muscle and skin biopsy.  Results will be coming in over the next few weeks.  The months ahead will bring answers, more questions, a breath and map out a part of the future for Cara and our family.  They will also bring more accomplishments, laughter and memories. More “can dos”.

Our appointment with the neurometabolic doctors is this coming Tuesday, May 3rd.  I don’t know if they will have any results or more pieces to this puzzle.  We have our questions ready and hopefully will leave with some answers and a clearer picture. I will post an update soon after.

Please feel free to comment and add to the “can” list and/or share the joyful stories you have had with Cara.  We need more smiles and no tears from this post! Thank you.

Let’s smile with Cara!


4 thoughts on “Smiling with Cara

  1. Well, this was quite heart warming. I can picture you, Dan and Nat being silly and enjoying each other. I can’t wait to see you guys in May!


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