your faith is beautiful

joyful selflessness, an able-hand to lift one that may never know that ability.
sacrifice ignorant of reciprocity.
humility to leave what little remains to a higher power…

“my prayers are with you”

…from you, those words soak my hands with the agony in which they were steeped.
i find my self able to sip from the strength you draw from your faith.

but from you,
oh from you the fear and insincerity crowds my nose and piques my cynicism.
used as an exit when you realize you’ve crossed the train tracks
and now clamor for the safety of your unaffected life.

the prayer to genie to add “never feel his pain” to the wish list after “pony”

you incite the lonesome pleasure of my absent faith:

free from the obligation to rationalize Cara’s suffering with a cosmic benefactor.

comforted by the hope that rejecting your prayers
and the mystery of your god’s plan
pries at least a finger from that farce that you cling to, and true faith you desecrate.


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