the good in bye

it is hard.
but not as an obstacle
it is fundamental to the way forward.

we stumbled off a cliff
…and poured all deliberate energy into a fight against gravity
minor course corrections to a fall, until we were caught.

caught by professionals
who despite their best efforts could easily be convicted of loving her
caught by neighbors who embraced and engaged us
when they could have been forgiven for pitying us from a distance
leading us by example
rounding the sharp edges
being silly

collected co-travelers
among those ready to collapse to liquid when she takes her first step
they prepaired us for this
restored us to the ranks of those able to accept life’s opportunities

this is wonderfully painful.
not the pain of loss, or fear of what’s next
no, it is the pain of a coiled spring or drawn arrow
flight capacity granted by this love and care
where we once struggled to keep walking

goodbye is a gift to speak what goes without saying


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