Hey Cara, You Are 5!

My dearest sweet Cara,

5! You are 5 baby girl! Two days ago you had your first very own birthday party. We had so many friends from all parts of your life come to our house to celebrate you. The theme was The Wizard of Oz. You know that song you love so much, “Over the Rainbow”? That song came from the movie The Wizard of Oz! Everyone came because we are all so proud of you and we love you. Do you know what happens when someone welcomes you into their heart? You bring sunshine and a beautiful rainbow into their life. We all came together and celebrated the last 5 years. Celebrated getting through the scary parts, the ouchie parts, celebrated the happy parts, all the words you can say, all the things you can do, how you can scoot around the floor, how you pull things down from the windowsill, how you like to bother Natalie, your love of books, the messes you make, the faces you make (oh the faces!), the tickles, your laugh, all the joy and most of all your love for paper! We celebrated all of it because it is all a part of your journey and a part of you. Everyone came to celebrate our journey with you. image3

There has been a few scary times. I am sure you have seen mommy cry, daddy cry and worried faces. I bet you have seen a lot more smiles though. I know sometimes there are needles and scary machines, but I bet there has been more times with giggles and toys. I know therapy can sometimes be hard, but I bet there has been a lot more fun! I know doctors like to move you around, touch you and their hands are cold! You know what else they like to do? Talk to you, smile at you and give high 5’s! I bet they would even like to give “knuckles”. Yes, there has been scary days and sad days, but many many more happy days. You makes us all so happy and are such a big helper through the tough parts.

Happy birthday my sweet treat! Here is my birthday wish for you: I wish for you to stay silly and keep using your voice! There might be more sad, scary and ouchie times and I can’t wish those away, but I can wish that there are many many more laughs, smiles and tickles. Silliness is always fun and funny! Tickles are pretty silly. We are a pretty silly family huh?

You have a beautiful voice. I love hearing it. “Voice” can also mean letting people know what you think and how you are feeling. It can be crying, it can be shaking your head no, even a big smile can be a voice. You are really good at letting everyone know if you like or don’t like something. Sometimes you say “yes!” and sometimes it is just a big huge smile. Sometimes you shake your head and sometimes you look scared and start to whine. Sometimes your therapists ask you to push buttons on your talker to let us know what you want to do or how you are feeling. All of this is your voice. It is really important to have a strong voice and you have one. Keep using it even if it feels like sometimes we don’t listen. We are listening, even if you say “no” and something still needs to happen. I promise you, we are listening and we want you to keep telling us.

image1 (1)

I have another birthday wish: I wish that you will always feel like we are proud of you, just the way you are. However you get around, whether it be with wheels, a walker, on your feet, crawling or someone carrying you, we are proud of you. However you talk, whether it is through your stink face, talker, crying, or words, we are proud of your voice. We are proud of how you eat and taste, whether it is through your tubie, with a spoon, your fingers, big bites or little bites, we are proud of how you eat. We are proud of you! I don’t ever want you to feel like we are sad or disappointed because you don’t do something or do something differently. We are so proud of you and we know how hard you work! You make us very very proud.

So, CareBear I love you. I know I say that all the time and it is because there is just so much love that I just need to tell you. I love you.

Happy Birthday big girl! You are 5!

With all our hearts and lots of tickles,

Mommy and Daddy