Stronger than…


Were I to wax metaphorical about her strength, to your ears it would sound like so much hyperbole.

No, I’m much too close.  I have borne witness to it, stood in its light and been seared.  I can’t be trusted to pace myself with any poetic flair, so just the facts…

Two pure souls brought into this world, and I see her instantly transform into a person that would pay any price to see them flourish.

Stronger than childbirth.

The devastation of learning her child will not flourish, not like other children.

Stronger than a metabolic diagnosis.

The endurance to cultivate the skills of speech and eating and walking and… when typical development is not promised.

Stronger than her child’s developmental challenges.

A pillar keeping the family upright while I repaired confidence in my professional career.

Strong for me when I am weak.

The utter lack of any hesitation to sacrifice flesh, ingest poison, absorb radiation, anything to be there for her family.

Stronger than cancer.

When faced with anxiety and depression she inevitably chooses the third option, to go forward.